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Best Diving Destinations in Egypt

The Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Egypt

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About scuba diving in Egypt

For decades, Egypt has been one of the major diving destinations in the world. With a coastline of more than a thousand kilometers, Egypt offers diving for every taste and budget.


Diving in Egypt may surprise even the most discerning divers with the quality of diving, variety of fish and coral species, beautiful underwater scenery, sheer walls and coral gardens.


Marine Parks in Egypt provide a great opportunity to encounter with sharks, tuna, and turtles. Wreck diving in Egypt means explore great ships and their history that is still preserved. You still can see motorcycles, ammunition, and rifles on some wrecks.


For experienced divers, who are interested in more difficult diving, Egypt can offer a unique opportunities for technical diving. Deep canyons, arches, caves, many of which are not yet fully explored, but available for tech divers, who have additional training and use the most modern technology.







Where to dive


Hurghada is a good place for the first dive. Here are more than 100 dive shops. But in fact, Hurghada isn’t only good for beginners, divers of all levels can find here lots of different dive sites. There are about 40 dive sites in Hurghada some of the most famous are Carlos Reef, Petra Reef, Bara Ramada and Abu-Ramada.

It’s better to go diving as early as possible because closer to midday there are lots of people at all dive sites.


Dahab is well-known as one of the best diving destinations in Egypt and famous for the barrier reef along its coast. The main attraction for divers in Dahab is a famous Blue Hole (underwater cave with a depth of hundred meters). The Blue Hole is known as one of the most dangerous places for diving, so Dahab is not very good for beginners but perfect for experienced divers.


Sharm El Sheikh is more qualitative and more expensive than others. It is a good choice for those who want to spend great time not only underwater, Sharm has a very active night life and full of travelers.

Divers can found here about 40 dive sites.  The must see dive site in Dahab is the Marine Reserve Ras Mohammed and English ship Thistlegorm that was sunken by a German torpedo in 1942 (it’s still possible to see planes and motorbikes on its board).


There are only 5 dive shops in Safaga and about 30 dive sites. The most famous dive site is Salem Express and Panorama Reef.


Marsa Alam – is one more popular place among beginners that is famous for its wide coast and untouched coral reefs.
Marsa Alam isn’t as popular as Hurghada for example, so it is possible to enjoy here a relaxing diving and observe reefs, turtles and sharks. Marsa Alam is also a perfect place to start a diving safari.

When to go to Egypt

If you plan to dive actively then May-October is the perfect time to discover the diverse underwater world of Egypt. Though diving is available year round and every season has its own advantages.


In summer when the water is already warm rarely visited dive sites in winter become available. The plankton blooming ends in summer and water becomes clearer but the main thing is that the large predators appear here at this time. It is possible to see here rare whale sharks only in summer.  


In autumn October is a high season among tourists. For diving it’s also a good time – it’s not so hot already but the water is still warm and full of marine life. The only bad thing is that there are lots of people at the most popular reefs.


Winter in Egypt is well-known for discounts and hot offers. Winter season is famous for a perfect visibility and some rare species such as thresher sharks.

Since December the water becomes colder so you should warm up, in February there could be old wind and storms .  


In spring the water is still about 22-23C and the weather could be unpredictable at this time. Usually February – May are the coldest months. Since April it becomes warmer but still the perfect time for diving is in May.


What to see


Among the best dive sites in Egypt are: St.Johns, the Brothers Islands, Ras Mohammed National Park dive sites (Anemone City, Shark & Yolanda Reef, Shark Observatory), Thistlegorm, Blue Hole, Great Canyon and Straits of Tiran.  

St. Johns is located not far from the border with Sudan. At this dive site you can see coral forest, tuna and sharks, turtles and mantas. You can get to this reef by boat from Marsa Alam.


The best way to dive the Brothers Island is liveaboards. This area is famous for coral reefs, walls and sharks. But diving here is recommended to more experienced divers because of a strong current.


In Ras Mohammed you can see about 200 different corals, thousands fish species, crabs, starfish and lots of divers. Here are many dive sites and the depth is around a kilometer.  Here comes to dive from Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada and divers should have PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water certificate.


Dive site Great Canyon is located not far from Dahab and is well-known among divers. But only few people know that the perfect time to dive here is at night. Diving here isn’t dangerous, the most beautiful and the deepest place here is only 25m.


The Blue Hole is also near Dahab and it is among the most beautiful dive sites in Egypt and in the world as well. This cavity is 107m deep opening on the surface of the reef at a depth of 58 m. However, it is worth remembering that the Blue Hole is also recognized as the most dangerous place to dive.


Thistlegorm with its difficult destiny has become one of the most popular wrecks in the world. It was sunken by a German torpedo in 1941 when transporting munitions to the British troops in North Africa. It was studied by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


From Sharm El Sheikh by boat divers can get to the Tiran Island where many great dive sites such as Jackson Reef, Gordon Reef, Woodhouse and Thomas reefs. It is possible to see here mantas and whale sharks.

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