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Ras Mohammed

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    50 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Must see
Abundant sea life

Ras Mohammеd - among the top popular dive sites in Egypt, the most southerly and deepest sections are included in dive sites of the National Reserve. Classic allows divers to dive into amazing underwater routes starting at the very deepest drop-off of Shark Reef and then to the remains of Yolanda wreck cargo via saddle to Anemone City. Shark Reef is a vertical wall dropping to charted depths of nearly 800m/2624ft. Yolanda Reef has a wide plateau with a coral garden and masses of pinnacles that are teeming with fish. Between Yolanda Reef and the main reef lies the cargo of the wreck of the Yolanda, a 74m/242ft long cargo ship that was transporting bathroom supplies and a BMW to the port of Aqaba but struck the reef in 1980. Currents can be quite strong here, creating a kind of rollercoaster ride around these reefs

When To Go Diving

All year long. Water temperature ranges from 22 to 28C/76 to 82F

What to see

Reef, wreck, hard and soft corals, reef wall, coral garden, pinnacles, scorpionfish, crocodile fish, groupers, turtles, tuna, huge morays, napoleons, Twin spot (Bohar) Snapper, Red Snapper, batfish, unicornfish, barracudas

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Reviews about Ras Mohammed

If I had to dive one site for the rest of my life.. I think Shark & Yolanda Reef would be it!
Amazing colors, especially towards the end of the dive, making it a real charm spending lots of time at 5-10 m making the safety stop charming and lovely - I did really not want to go to the surface! The sunlight was falling upon the soft corals, and the amazing volume of sea life making the sea bed the best drawn canvas one could ever imagine.. Among a great volume of anthias - the place was full of 'em!- we also had the opportunity to see a great hawks-bill turtle who was not disturbed by our presence, and sat there ea... Read more
ting..until it decided to swim away! We also got to see a lot of parrot fish, blue spotted sting rays and crocodile fish! At distance you could also get a glance of schools of giant big-eye jacks and clouds of fusiliers. It is definitely on my "To Dive it again" list!!!
Imagine swimming in an aquarium!
May 2011 - This was my first sea dive in Egypt and it was like swimming in an aquarium, there was so much marine life, turtles, sharks and hundreds of different specie of fish. The only downside can be the large number of day boats that moor up on this site so timing is key.
Striking and surprising
Delightful dive site, where I met my first shark and turtle. It was January and we were freezing dressing hydro costumes in the wind but this was offseted by the huge variety of fish we saw: barracuda, moray eel, tuna.
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