About Us
What is Divebooker.com?
As a global marketplace for booking diving packages and courses online, Divebooker.com makes it easy to browse and compare diving opportunities all over the world, to help you plan and instantly book a perfect diving vacation!
Our mission
Our mission is to create a meeting space for divers and dive centers, and to make it easy to find a perfect match! These are some of our key goals:
  • To bring numerous diving choices to your fingertips – presented to you in an intuitive layout
  • To provide relevant information, best prices, up-to-date availability, as well as reviews by other divers, so that you can make choices with confidence
  • To facilitate communication and provide ongoing support both to divers and dive centers throughout the process
Our Vision
We are in the business of promoting diving – making it easy to find and instantly book diving excursions anywhere in the world!
Our Philosophy
We believe that diving makes this world a better place! Diving teaches us to be responsible, respectful and caring – to the environment, and to each other. For some, diving is a way to enjoy life to the fullest. For others, diving is also a remarkable career path. We are excited to be in this vibrant industry and to be promoting diving worldwide!
Our Story
As divers ourselves, we frequently wondered why planning a diving vacation had to be so complicated. With the time spent on research, phone calls and emails, it was a little bit like a second job. We felt that planning a diving vacation should itself be the start of the adventure.
So, in September 2013, we decided to build an online booking system for the diving industry. Eight months later in May 2014, Divebooker.com was launched. We developed the tools that bring all the relevant information about dive sites and dive centers worldwide to your fingertips.
While supported by smart technology, Divebooker.com is run by a team of dynamic diving enthusiasts. We are passionate about working together to make Divebooker.com better. All you need to do is to choose the diving packages and courses – and we will take care of the rest!
How to Book with Divebooker.com?
  1. We invite you to enter the destination where you would like to go and click ‘Search’. You will then see all the choices available at that destination through Divebooker.com and you can refine your search by applying additional criteria. Use the map to see where exactly the proposed dive centers are located, as well as check out some of the dive sites nearby.
  2. After narrowing down your search to a few dive centers, you can review their profiles – including detailed information, products & prices, and well as applicable booking and cancellation policies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any dive center directly by clicking ‘Ask a Question’ on that dive center’s profile. Or just contact Divebooker.com – we are here to help and will find the answers for you!
  3. Select the products for yourself (and other divers if you are booking the diving excursion for a group) and add them to the cart. Once you are happy with the selections and ready to book, your booking confirmation is just a few steps away and you can start getting travel-ready! The Divebooker.com Team will take care of the rest.
We invite you to try Divebooker.com and join our growing community!
Please contact us at info@divebooker.com or through the live chat at Divebooker.com.
You can also connect with us through Facebook and Twitter.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your next diving vacation!
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