As a major tourist hub, Hurghada is a top choice as a port of embarkation for liveaboard diving cruises. It is a well-known destination that offers a host of benefits to divers
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Hurghada International Airport (HRG)

Hurghada is a popular port of embarkation for liveaboard diving cruises in the Red Sea, offering numerous benefits to divers. The nearest airport to Hurghada is Hurghada International Airport (HRG), which is located approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) to the southwest. Many airlines operate flights to Hurghada International Airport from various cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. One of the most significant diving destinations that can be reached from Hurghada is the Straits of Tiran, a narrow channel located at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba. The Straits of Tiran are known for their stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life, including numerous species of fish, turtles, and sharks. Other popular dive sites that can be reached from Hurghada include Abu Nuhas, the Thistlegorm wreck, and Ras Mohammed.

In addition to its excellent diving destinations, Hurghada offers a range of possibilities for divers. The warm, clear waters of the Red Sea are home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, dolphins, and even dugongs. Divers can also explore stunning coral reefs and underwater landscapes, including canyons, caves, and wrecks. Liveaboard diving in Hurghada offers many benefits for divers, including the convenience of exploring multiple dive sites over several days and the opportunity to dive in remote locations that are not easily accessible from shore. With the support of experienced dive guides and crew, divers can enjoy a safe and unforgettable diving experience in one of the world's most beautiful underwater environments

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