Scuba diving in Habili Ali

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 98.4 ft
Maximum: 229.6 ft
moderate to strong
Average: 32.8 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft

Habili Ali is the largest Habili in the reef system known as St. Johns. Habili is the Arabic word for a reef that never rises to the sea surface, which means it is not yet an adult reef. The steep walls of the reef are covered in colorful soft corals and huge black coral sea fans. The average depth of the site is over 30m/98ft and in some places the wall drops down to 70m/230ft. Due to the exposed location of the reef, divers always experience some currents at this dive site.

When to go

Diving at this dive site is possible any time of the year, although if you are after really warm waters it is best to visit Habili Ali between June and September, when the water temperature can rise to 29C/84F. During the winter months the average water temperature is 20-22C/68-72F.

What to see

Divers will find a lot of marine life on the reef walls, and in the surrounding waters they will see shoals of barracudas and different species of sharks. Sometimes dolphins and manta rays are spotted passing by.

Reachable from

Marsa Alam

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