Brothers Islands

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Diver Level
Average: 25 m
Maximum: 70 m
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 40 m

The Brothers Islands are two tiny islands that offer some of the most amazing diving opportunities in the whole Red Sea region. The two islands are located 60km/37mi offshore in the middle of the Red Sea. They are about 1km/0.6mi away from each other, which is about a 5-minute boat ride to get from one island to the other. Both Brothers Islands are steep-sided pillars that were probably formed by volcanic eruptions. The vertical walls of the islands are densely covered with healthy multicolored soft and hard corals, and there are a lot of interesting overhangs and small caves there for divers to explore. Due to their exposed location, the two islands attract a wide range of pelagic visitors, including various species of sharks. As such, the Brothers have become famous for encounters with schooling hammerheads, oceanic whitetip sharks, and thresher sharks. Big Brother Island also features two wrecks: the Numidia and Aida wrecks, and there is also a stone lighthouse that towers some 32m/105ft above the island. Due to their isolated position in the middle of the Red Sea, the two islands have quite challenging diving conditions with strong currents and deep depths, so these sites are only suitable for experienced divers.

When to go

The Brothers Islands offer year-round diving. The average water temperature in winter is about 19-21C/66F, and the warmest water temperature of 29-30C/84-86F is in August.

What to see

The Brothers Islands have a great mix of wrecks, beautiful walls, an abundance of colorful corals, and big pelagic fish. Divers can expect to see big gorgonians, scorpionfish, damselfish, angelfish, parrotfish, triggerfish, wrasses, groupers, barracudas, and various species of sharks.

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