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Big Brother

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    40 m
  • Visibility:

    to 45m
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Must see

This tiny island is half of the Brother Islands, a popular Red Sea liveaboard dive destination that was named the second-best dive site in the Red Sea and the ninth-best site in the world by CNN in 2012. It is located in about 60km/40mi offshore and is barely visible, but is easily identified by its Victorian stone lighthouse, which towers some 32m/105ft above the island. It is an oblong landmass some 0.4km/0.25mi long, mostly famous for diving with different types of sharks. Here divers can dive down unspoiled walls densely covered by colorful soft corals and huge gorgonians and full of small caves and overhangs. Worth mentioning: the sea conditions can be rough and occasionally cause diving to be canceled. Big Brother also has 2 wrecks, the Numidia and the Aida, lying quite close to each other, which are truly worth exploring

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive all year round at this site. The best season to dive is from June to August when the sea is usually calm. The water temperature ranges from 23-30C/73-86F

What to see

In these waters divers will encounter the oceanic whitetip shark, schooling hammerhead sharks, gray reef sharks, silvertip sharks, and even the rare thresher shark. Divers will also swim among other pelagic fish such as barracudas, giant trevallies, tuna, and even magnificent manta rays, as well myriads of colorful reef fish

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