Scuba diving in Thistlegorm

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Diver level
Average: 25 m
Maximum: 30 m
1-2 knots
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m

The SS Thistlegorm was a British merchant navy ship built in 1940 and was sunk by a German bomber on 6 of October, 1941. Now turned into a world-class diving site, the wreckage provides a fascinating insight into the past. The Thistlegorm was carrying a large amount of cargo, including trains, trucks, motorcycles and rifles, which now lie rusting on the bed of the Red Sea. By plunging to depths of 30m/98ft, divers can explore historic vehicles against a backdrop of colorful tropical sea life that have made the wreckage of Thistlegorm their home. Thistlegorm is one of the top dive sites in the world that provides an exploration of history frozen in time under water.

When to go

It is possible to dive this site in Egypt all year long as the annual water temperature ranges between 22-28C/76-82F. However, the site is exposed to tidal currents and prevailing winds, which can make the dive site inaccessible for some time.

What to see

The dive site provides an exciting opportunity to explore a 126m/413ft long and 17.5m/57ft wide wreckage, historic vehicles and ammunition of the WWII.

Reachable from

Sharm El Sheikh

Liveaboard Special Offers

Dive center`s Special Offers

  • Dahab Red Sea Relax

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm / Ras Mohammed

    Boat trip includes 3 dives (2 dives at Thistlegorm, 1 dive at Ras Mohamed). This product is for certified divers only
  • Sharm El Sheikh Dolphin Diving Center

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    Boat trip to Thistlegorm. This product is for certified divers only. Minimum of 2 divers
  • Dahab H2O Divers Dahab

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm / Tiran

    Day trips are 3 dives – 2 on the wreck (first dive outside the wreck, second dive inside – bring a torch) plus a 3rd at Ras Mohammed on the way back), beginning at 3 am in Dahab and coming back at 7 pm. Ras Mohammed is a national marine park with 8 world class dive sites. The current can be rougher than in Dahab but diving Shark and Yolanda pinnacles will leave you with the best underwater memories. Check for free-swimming giant Morays, schooling Barracudas, Jackfish, Snappers, Emperors and Batfish. The walls drop down to 700 m deep – keep your buoyancy! Don’t go away from the reef wall but look out in the blue for reef Sharks. When reaching Yolanda, visit the remains of the cargo ship that sank there in 1980 and transporting bathtubs and toilet seats. You can find Napoleons, large Groupers and Blue Spotted Stingrays. Level: AOW, depth: 18–30 (Thistlegorm) - 60+ m. This product is a subject of availability. You will receive additional confirmation for this product from dive center
  • Dahab Big Blue Dahab

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm Shipwreck & Ras Mohamed National Park

    3 guided dives from boat on Thistlegorm Shipwreck & Ras Mohamed National Park. This product is only for certified divers, you must be at advanced level/certified to dive to 30 meters
  • Dahab Scubaseekers

    Full Day Boat Trip to Thistlegorm Shipwreck & Ras Mohamed Surcharge (3 Dives)

    Boat trip to Thistlegorm Shipwreck & Ras Mohamed surcharge. You need to be an advanced level diver with a minimum of 20 dives to dive the Thistlegorm and the sites in the Ras Mohammed National Park. Price of dives is not included!
  • Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea Diving College

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    Boat trip to Thistlegorm. The S.S Thistlegorm day includes two dives; one orientation dive and one penetration dive, with an optional third dive on the way back. This is a memorable dive and is highly recommended. This product is for certified divers only
  • Dahab Desert Divers

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    Boat trip with 2 dives at Thistlegorm and 1 dive at Ras Mohammed. This product is for advanced divers only & require full Egyptian visa
  • Sharm El Sheikh Eagle Divers

    Diving Trip to Thistlegorm

    Because of the size of the wreck and the enormous amount to see both outside and inside the wreck, normally divers make 2 dives the first being an orientation around the wreck, followed by a second wreck penetration. We don’t want to give too much away about this dive site as it’s truly magical and even when listening to the detailed dive briefing, it doesn’t do the dives justice. You have to see it yourself to believe it! Diver tip: Because of the depth of the wreck both dives are considered deep dives and divers can expect strong currents. As such, divers should be a minimum of Advanced Open Water or equivalent and have good buoyancy skills. It is beneficial to also be an enriched air diver so as to maximise the allowable bottom time, especially during the second dive due to surface intervals of around 1/1.5 hours
  • Dahab Blue Realm Diving

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    Boat Safari to Thistlegorm, 2 dives, lunch, soft drinks. One-day boat trip leave early from Sharm El Sheikh, allowing plenty of time to diving
  • Dahab Shams Hotel & Dive Centre

    Wreck Dives (Thistlegorm)

    Wreck dives on Thistlegorm. This product is for certified divers only
  • Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea Scuba International

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    Our diving boat leaves Sharm el Sheikh at 05:00 am and returns at 04:30 - 05:00 pm after 2 or 3 dives. An optional 3rd dive is offered in Ras Mohamed on Shark Reef & Yolanda, weather and time permitting. - Breakfast and lunch freshly prepared are available on board. - Unlimited hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day. - This day trip is weather depending. - Should it not be possible to reach the wreck, alternative dive sites will be given
  • Sharm El Sheikh Hotteam Divers Diving Club

    Boat Trip to Thistlegorm

    A great opportunity to sea famous Thistlegorm. 2 dives, equipment rental, water and lunch, transfer from hotel to diving is included in price. Prerequisite certification: Wreck Diver

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