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The SS Thistlegorm was a British merchant navy ship built in 1940 and was sunk by a German bomber on 6 of October, 1941. Now turned into a world-class diving site, the wreckage provides a fascinating insight into the past. The Thistlegorm was carrying a large amount of cargo, including trains, trucks, motorcycles and rifles, which now lie rusting on the bed of the Red Sea. By plunging to depths of 30m/98ft, divers can explore historic vehicles against a backdrop of colorful tropical sea life that have made the wreckage of Thistlegorm their home. Thistlegorm is one of the top dive sites in the world that provides an exploration of history frozen in time under water

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive into this site in Egypt all year long as the annual water temperature ranges between 22-28C/76-82F. However, the site is exposed to tidal currents and prevailing winds, which can make the dive site inaccessible for some time

What to see

The dive site provides an exciting opportunity to explore a 126m/413ft long and 17.5m/57ft wide wreckage, historic vehicles and ammunition of the WWII

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Reviews about Thistlegorm

One of the best wrecks in Red Sea
Very interesting place and one of the most interesting wrecks in the Red Sea. Several hours from Sharm, starting early in the morning with the sunrise. Usually there two dives on the site: one is the overview of the ship and the second one takes you inside the hold with a plenty of stuff inside.A 'must have' trip during your stay in Sharm
Metal heaven
I dived the Thistlegorm twice during our stay in May 2011, although neither offered optimum diving conditions. During both dives we had strong currents and meant a quick decent to get shelter from the wreck. The wreck itself is massively impressive and something I would advise anyone to dive if they love learning about history. Due to the wrecks size you need to do at least 3-4 dives to really appreciated it's grandeur. This is best done from a liveaboard as it's a 4 hour day boat ride both ways.
What a dive ....
Going through Thistlegorm is like have secretly found the travel through time machine, Its and underwater museum, Sunk by German bomber planes in World War Two, SS Thistlegorm is Lying at the bottom of the Red Sea close to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Jacques Cousteau's visited it in 1955, and has inspired him deeply. The bow is just fifteen metres below the surface and the propeller at twenty-seven. Measuring over four hundred feet long, SS Thistlegorm often requires several dives to complete an extensive coverage, inside and ... Read more
out. It requires advance certification as Currents may occasionally be strong; however, mooring lines tied by the guide allow divers to make a comfortable descent to the shelter of the wreck. Enjoy ....
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