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Shark Observatory

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    90 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Shark Observatory or Ras Mohammed Wall is located at the foot of the observatory cliff in the north. The dive site has the average depth of 40m/131ft and water visibility around 10-30m/32-98ft. This dive site is stunning in its own way with many species of pelagic and a fantastic steep wall that descends to more than 90m/295ft with some nice overhangs and caves in it. Among several types of sharks, there is a chance to see whale sharks in this area.

When To Go Diving

All year long. Average water temperature ranges from 22 to 27C/71 to 80F.

What to see

Cliffs, steep wall, caves, corals, gullies, canyons, several types of sharks, glass fish, hatchet fish, barracudas, see wrasses, grouper, snappers, trevallies, jacks, turtles.

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Reviews about Shark Observatory

This dive site has everything.
I have dived 2 times in this dive site, the first time was Shark & Yolanda Reef and the second time was Anemone City & Shark Reef. The abudance of marine life is amazing. Full of anthias, clownfish, pipefish... The current is perfect to make a nice calm drift dive. On the Yolanda wreck we found dozens of blue spotted sting rays, on Shark Reef a turtle was kind enough to join us on our dive. Also a crocodile fish was always there looking. If you have the oportunity to visit it, don't miss any dive!!!
I've heard talking about Ras Mohammed for mo many
I've heard talking about Ras Mohammed for mo many times and for sure that was my number one diving direction when I came to Sharm. I couldn't even expect it to be so beautiful, to have this diverse marine life... It never gets boring, there are so many things to discover, wall just goes down with its small caves and hollows... To conclude - it's just unbelievable!
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