Scuba diving in Marsa Mubarak

From Shore
Diver level
Average: 6 m
Maximum: 21 m
No current
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Marsa Mubarak is a beautiful natural bay with clear warm water and a variety of marine life. Marsa Mubarak is easily accessible as it is located within 15 minute walk from a nearest beach resort. Due to the shallow depth, this dive site is good for snorkeling and free diving. Divers will be amazed by the number and size of sea turtles swimming slowly everywhere and not paying any attention to the visitors. Diving in these waters It is also possible to spot an amazing dugong, a rare marine creature that comes to feed on seagrass in Marsa Mubarak Bay.

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When to go

Diving in Marsa Mubarak is available all year round. Water temperature ranges from 26C/78F to 30C/86F.

What to see

Divers will enjoy swimming with sea turtles and watching a variety of reef fishes. If they are lucky they can see an elusive Dugong.

Reachable from

Marsa Alam

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