Scuba diving in Dangerous Reef

From Boat
Average: 6 m
Maximum: 25 m
1-2 knots
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m

Dangerous Reef is a medium size, diamond shape reef. The average depth here is 6-25m/20-80ft with water visibility of 20m/65ft. The hard coral wall at this site drops down to around 22m/72ft where there is a gently sloping sandy seafloor with small coral heads. On the most southern part of the reef in around 8m/26ft of water there are a number of fissures and breaks in the reef allowing a diver to enter a small cave or a tunnel area with a sandy floor. Divers can also explore some lovely coral gardens, where large stony corals cascade down the reef and provide a shelter to a variety of marine creatures.

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When to go

All year long. Water temperature ranges from 23 to 30C/73 to 86F.

What to see

Reef, walls, corals, napoleon wrasse, morays, blue spotted rays, groupers, huge anemones, clownfish, soldierfish, squirrelfish, black-spotted butterflyfish, cuttlefish, octopus.

Reachable from

Hamata, Marsa Alam

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