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Situated in the northern sector of Sudan, bordering Egypt, this area encompasses three distinct reefs collectively known as the Elba region. The periphery of the plateau is adorned with expansive coral fans, offering a lush habitat for a variety of marine life. It is a common occurrence to encounter majestic pelagic species such as gray reef sharks and occasionally, hammerheads. The Elba region's eastern reef harbors the Levanzo wreck, presenting a slightly challenging dive opportunity. The dive commences at the 22 meters mark where the propeller is located, progressing to the broken segment at 40 meters, culminating at a maximum depth of 65 meters

When To Go Diving

The best time to visit Elba Reef for diving would generally be during the months when the Red Sea experiences calm and clear waters. Typically, the period from March to November offers the most ideal conditions, with water temperatures being warm and visibility being high, allowing for a more enjoyable and safer diving experience. Please note that it is always best to check with local Elba Reef liveaboard operators for the most current information on the best times to visit

What to see

During your Elba Reef diving expedition, you are likely to encounter a rich marine ecosystem that thrives at the heart of this undisturbed location. As you venture near the expansive coral fans that mark the edge of the plateau, keep an eye out for the majestic big pelagics that frequent the area. It is not uncommon to witness grey reef sharks gracefully navigating the waters, and if you're fortunate, you might even spot the elusive hammerheads, adding a thrill to your dive. For those interested in wrecks, embarking on an Elba Reef liveaboard adventure can potentially offer the opportunity to explore some undiscovered or less frequented wreck sites in the region. Combining the beauty of the reef with the mystery of potential wreck sites, Elba Reef presents a unique destination for both seasoned and novice divers alike

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