Liveaboard diving in

Yellow Wall

Yellow wall is a deep wall at the southern tip of the barrier reef most noted for its rugged soft coral covered overhangs and small swim-through caverns with clear water and gentle current. Grey reef sharks patrol the blue, schools of fish swim out of canyons and sleeping nurse sharks take refuge under soft coral overhangs. Turtle encounters are common as well as some macro with nudies, anemones and reef shrimp. Yellow wall will remind divers how nice wall diving in light current is with a brilliant forest of yellow soft coral that opens with the water movement of changing tides. Fish, sharks and turtles will be encountered along the dive. It is one of Yap’s richest walls with soft coral blooming in clear water on interesting vertical topography. A brilliant yellow soft coral and fan-covered wall comes to life in a gentle current. This dive is best explored with a torch looking into the cracks, crevices or overhangs for sleeping sharks, turtles and swim through tunnels just big enough for safely transiting - keep a look out into the blue for pelagic encounters and grey reef sharks