Liveaboard diving in

Magic Kingdom

  • Depth max:

    30 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Magic Kingdom is one of the richest environments along the southern walls. This site was considered as one of Micronesia's most beautiful diving jewels until a typhoon in November of 1992 inflicted heavy damage to the corals. The gently sloping bottom in this section of reef caused the storm surge waves to build and cause damage while the vertical walls only a few hundreds yards away escaped unscathed

What to see

There are schools of black snapper, jacks, sightings of eagle rays and reef sharks. The topography is unique with a plateau of coral blommies to an infinite hard coral sloping wall. Rock overhangs and crevices harbor resting turtles, nice macro subjects and reef fish being cleaned. One of Yap’s most attractive underwater landscapes with marine life encounters big to small. White tip reef sharks patrol the wall, schools of fish are found waving in the current and turtles can be found napping in their hiding spots. Other sightings include pelagic fish such as large Tuna, marble rays and eagle rays. Check under coral overhangs for cleaner shrimp, nudibranchs and carpet anemone with fish, crabs and eggs