Scuba diving in Yap Caverns

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Average: 3 m
Maximum: 18 m
Average: 12 m
Maximum: 30 m

Yap Caverns is home to the richest reef and soft life wall diving offering the strongest diversity at any single dive site. Yap Caverns amphitheater is one of Yap’s best environments for macro subjects at every depth

What to see

White tip and grey reef sharks, abundant coral, pelagic fish, schools of bump head parrot fish, eagle rays, turtles, scorpion leaf fish, dragonettes, blennies with cleaning stations for sharks, eels and big fish await divers year - round. Porcelain crabs, moyers dragonettes, nudibranch, leaf fish, scorpion fish, antheas, flame angels, cleaner and ghost shrimp as as well as more exotic subjects such as ghost pipe fish and ornate ghost pipe fish reside at this site

Reachable from

Yap / Wa′ab Island

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