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The Kittiwake was sunk off the Northwest Point area of Grand Cayman in 2011 and today it is a perfect wreck for divers of all skill levels. The Kittiwake has many nooks and crannies where a variety of colorful reef fish like to hide. Around the wreck divers can observe a diverse marine life, including spotted eagle rays, turtles and green moray eels. Inside the wreck, many of the ship’s functions are still in place. Divers can explore the compression chamber, machine shop, generators, bathrooms with the mirrors still in place, wheel and compass in the wheelhouse and a giant propeller and rudder resting in the sand. Kittiwake shipwreck is under the protection of the national park of Cayman Islands and managed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. To do this dive divers are required to pay the entry fees

When To Go Diving

Scuba diving is available all year-round. The average air temperature stays within 21-27°C/70-80°F range throughout the year. June through October is usually the hurricane season. The average water temperature stays between 26°C/78°F and 28°C/82°F year-round. The depth of the site is 20m/65ft. Water visibility is 20m/65ft

What to see

Wreck and a diverse marine life, including spotted eagle rays, turtles and green moray eels

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Reviews about USS Kittiwake

Kittiwake, Grand Cayman
The Kittiwake was an awesome dive. The clarity was immeasureable but I do have to admit I did a no-no beforehand. I decided to try a new different mask that I had never used on any dive before & I struggled to keep water out of it almost the entire time....but, that was my fault & it was still an awesome sight to see. I wish I had another day to go back & do it again w/ my "trusty rusty" mask but oh well, live & learn. This will be the 1st place I'll go if I get back to Grand Cayman.
Dive in, on and around the Kittiwake!
The USS Kittiwake was purposely sunk off Grand Cayman island to build more reef. There are hole carved out of the sides and floors so you can dive all throughout the ship. The visibility is amazing. The reef has begun to sprout on the boat and the critters are moving in. Interesting fact: The USS Kittiwake is the ship that recovered the black box from the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. This is an easy wreck dive for those who want to begin to expand their dives but want more experience on wrecks.
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