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With more than 350 islands, Palau is the most diverse island chain in all of Micronesia. In 2015, Palau established its first national marine reserve, the sixth largest in the world, with a protected area of 499,900 sq. km/193,000 sq. mi. With more than 1,300 species of fish and 800 species of corals and the world-famous Jellyfish Lake, this is an unbeatable, must-see destination for diving enthusiasts

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9.510101Palau Siren SirenSiren Fleet, 101 reviews

brilliant holiday

We had a wonderful time on Palau siren. For 10 days we were looked after very well by the helpful and friendly team working on the boat. Having had holidays on other liveaboard boats I was struck by HOW well the team work together genuinely no job was too small for any of them with everyone helping out everywhere to make our trip as perfect as possible and going out their way to make us and each other smile. (For example being welcomed back on the boat each time by captain Jack and having my socks washed by the cruise director! ) I would struggle to think of ways our experience could have been improved, however one of my travel companions felt the toilet roll holders could be easier to use and i agree sometimes it was difficult to get more than sheet at a time. The diving was exceptional. Diving with the guides took any stress away, everything seemed so laid back. Following Chris I went to places I would not have expected to calmly go - inside rooms in wrecks and inside caves and loved it! When diving with hooks in current I had no worries with Inal directing me. Jordan made everyone laugh above and under water all the time and was extra patient giving me time to get to depth with sore ears. During the trip we saw pretty anemones, loads of wonderful fish, an octopus, turtles, a sea snack in the sea, eagle rays and a manta and lots and lots of sharks! Oh and our guide pointed out a white tropical long tailed bird in the sky.
9.510101Palau Siren SirenSiren Fleet, 101 reviews

Fabulous diving ever.

Everything about the Palau Siren was very high quality and extremely well organized. Dive sites were well chosen to fit the tide and current, briefings were comprehensive and informative, everything was punctual, and the crew were especially kind and helpful, with our gear always where it needed to be. Food was excellent, with exceptional variety, always two salads and a vegetable dish, and a roast turkey was memorable. Chris, the Tour Leader, was especially notable for his attention to detail and his kindness. Overall a very wonderful trip.

Getting to Palau is less fun, as we had to fly from Bangkok to Manila to Guam (?) to Palau, and reverse the route to return home. Flights between Manila and Palau were very expensive, thus United miles were very useful.

Wonderful trip. And free beer is always good for the mood.

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