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With more than 350 islands, Palau is the most diverse island chain in all of Micronesia. In 2015, Palau established its first national marine reserve, the sixth largest in the world, with a protected area of 499,900 sq. km/193,000 sq. mi. With more than 1,300 species of fish and 800 species of corals and the world-famous Jellyfish Lake, this is an unbeatable, must-see destination for diving enthusiasts

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9.51093Palau Siren SirenSiren Fleet, 93 reviews

An amazing adventure

This was my first time to do a scuba dive liveaboard. I basically was looking to go to Palau and after reading a few hotel reviews I keep seeing the word liveaboard. When I googled "liveaboard" I quickly came to Palau Siren. I'm so glad I did. This boat and it's crew are amazing. Everyone is so friendly and professional. They really know their stuff. This week focused on the wreck dives in the area which came with detailed briefings before the dives. We learned about the boats, the battle in War War II, and the current dive sites. Both Richard and Matt, from uniquedivexpeditions, were very well informed. I had never been diving in Palau and was blowed away at the abundance of life in the water. We saw sharks, eels, manta rays, eagle rays, turtles and so many different species of fish. I was able to go into caverns, down ocean walls, through strong currents and explore the ocean at night. The staff assisted me with everything I needed from a reef hook to an electric plug converter (the one I brought was the wrong kind). The food was fantastic. If I hadn't been diving throughout the day I would have surely gained 10 pounds.
9.51093Palau Siren SirenSiren Fleet, 93 reviews

minor changes could make the boat even better

Get rid of the TVs in the cabins and add more space for clothing.

A clothes line in the bath for hanging up wet clothing.

If the Peleliu Cut or Express dive sites are so great why did we only dive them once?

Everything else was perfect and especially the entire crew.

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