Scuba diving in Iro Maru

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Diver level
Average: 8 m
Maximum: 37 m
Average: 12 m
Maximum: 25 m

The Iro Maru is a site south of Koror Island that is attractive to divers because of its 45m/145ft-long sunken merchant ship that is sitting upright in 37m/120ft of water. The parts of the shipwreck that are still intact include three masts, gun turrets, and the main deck, with oil drums and machinery. It is easy to enter the Iro Maru, but divers should watch for some light currents.

When to go

Divers can dive at this site at any time of the year due to the warm water and suitable conditions. While the air temperature averages 26-30C/79-86F, the water temperature is usually about 26-27C/79-81F. June and July are the rainiest months of the year.

What to see

Most of the Iro Maru is covered with invertebrates and soft and hard corals of different colors that shelter abundant marine species. The easiest ones to spot are starfish, pipefish, clownfish, and cuttlefish. Sea turtles and spotted eagle rays are often seen around this dive site.

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