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There are so many ways to discover this extraordinary country. When it comes to liveaboards, it's all about the west coast. The amazing Pacific side attracts more and more divers to explore its incredible marine megafauna

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Socorro Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 3 reviews

Socorro Dec 2020

This was truly a wonderful dive experience. There were rays and sharks on every dive which was fantastic. The rays were extremely friendly and I'll just say WOW. Additional highlights included seeing dolphins up close and personal as well as a handful of schooling hammerhead experiences. It's going to be hard to going back to macro.

The divemasters were great. They were friendly, always helpful and made for a great trip. The same could be said of the host and hostess. Great people.

I liked the boat as it had plenty of areas to relax. The rooms had side by side twins which is more comfortable than bunks in my opinion. Some passengers remarked that the boat could use a refresh and was a little older. While true, I still enjoyed the boat.

Socorro diving is weather and "other boat" dependent in terms of where and when you can dive. The impact on our trip was that we only dove four sites. Great dives to be sure, but when half of your trip is at one site (El Canyon) one wonders what they missed. We didn't go to Roca which I would have liked to do.

The food was really disappointing unfortunately. There were a lot of basic brothy soups with little to no substance or taste. The main courses were nothing to write home about. I'm not a picky eater at all and yet I pushed aside half portions of my dinners because they just weren't worth it. It seemed like we had a short order cook as opposed to a chef.
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Solmar V Liveaboard V LiveaboardPacific Fleet, 2 reviews

Small Cabins, but WONDERFUL trip.

The cabins are as tiny as people say, but if I was going back, I'd book with Solmar V again in a heartbeat. The crew is delightful, and the food is the best I've had on a liveaboard. We spent NYE on the boat, and the crew did a wonderful job making the evening special - it didn't hurt that we saw a whaleshark on the last dive of the year :)

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