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There are so many ways to discover this extraordinary country. When it comes to liveaboards, it's all about the west coast. The amazing Pacific side attracts more and more divers to explore its incredible marine megafauna

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Socorro Vortex Liveaboard Vortex LiveaboardPacific Fleet, 3 reviews

Sep 2021

Everything was great. The service on board was spectacular. The food was really good, but I was expecting superb (due to previous comments). I thought we were having a barbecue and never happened.
The only thing I would point out, is the distribution of the staterooms. I’m pretty sure I was the first one in paying (actually I organized the trip for almost everybody), and I received the worst stateroom (I’m not complaining about the quality, they were great, neat and clean)… but, I paid the same amount as everybody… so I’m not sure how you do the distribution for that.
But everything else. Really great!
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Rivera Anahi2021-10-01
Socorro Vortex Liveaboard Vortex LiveaboardPacific Fleet, 3 reviews

Awesome trip

The entire crew was amazing, the captain, divers, staff, the engineers, all of them were extraordinary. The whites were stunning, the wale shark was the most unexpected grand finale, she stole the show. My only suggestion is you guys install some solar panelling for the time the boat is at bay. Sometimes you come out of the water after a while of diving and its a little uncomfortable to smell the diesel as soon as you take your mask off. Best regards, congrats to all and I hope to travel again with you guys to Socorro Islands.
Gallart Rodrigo2021-10-01
Socorro Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 5 reviews

Great dive in Socorro

I really enjoyed the dive in Socorro, the up close diving with Mantas was spectacular, the best I experienced in the last 20 years. The visibility was great, all in all a great dive trip & I would definitely recommend it. The Guides on the dives were fantastic, the crew was great, quite friendly and helpful. The boat needs updating.
Zakaria Adel2021-05-14

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