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There are so many ways to discover this extraordinary country. When it comes to liveaboards, it's all about the west coast. The amazing Pacific side attracts more and more divers to explore its incredible marine megafauna

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9.71025Quino el Guardian el GuardianRocio Del Mar Liveaboard, 25 reviews

Service with bite sized snacks.

Thank you one and all for an amazing trip filled with the cutest researchers I have ever seen. This group really knows their stuff. Presentations of shark behaviors, Manta Ray identification, the effects of plastic trash on our environment, and soooo many photos of the wild life outside of the boat. And the meals, 3 a day + snacks. Any sized portions you wanted. And seconds, and thirds. All of our DM's and boat handlers worked harder than most I've seen. They pull your tank up on the boat, return it to your space on the big boat and refill it for you. I suggest you do not pack a lot. One - two swim suits or shorts for the guys, 7 swim suits for the ladies. I used my carry on luggage for my dry things. On our trip, we had the most wonderful Massage Therapist. Request him for your trip. I have now seen and have dived with Manta Rays, Tiger Sharks, and Hammerheads. Thank you Dora for this opportunity to see another part of the world.
9.71025Quino el Guardian el GuardianRocio Del Mar Liveaboard, 25 reviews

An amazing trip!

Great staff, food and dives. The 4-bed rooms are small, but the rates are very competitive. The dive masters were great, the dive deck was perfect, and the staff was impressive on every single level, from the booking, to the zodiac driver, to the chef. Diving was worldclass, with great interactions with oceanic manta rays, hammerheads, yellowfun tuna, and more. Would recommend booking here!

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