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La Reina is a popular liveaboard diving destination located off the coast of the Revillagigedo Islands in Mexico. The island is known for its pristine waters, abundant marine life, and unique underwater topography, making it a must-visit destination for scuba divers seeking an unforgettable experience. Underwater topography at La Reina is characterized by steep walls, overhangs, and caves that provide shelter to a variety of marine species. The walls are covered in colorful coral gardens, sponges, and anemones that are home to many species of fish and invertebrates. Divers can explore the underwater terrain and search for critters hiding in the crevices and caves. The island's unique underwater landscape also provides divers with the opportunity to encounter a variety of pelagic species. Schools of jacks, snappers, and tuna are commonly seen cruising along the walls, while larger species such as sharks and rays can also be spotted in the deeper waters. Divers can also expect to encounter giant Pacific manta rays, which are known to frequent the waters around La Reina.

One of the highlights of diving at La Reina is the chance to swim with several species of shark, including the elusive tiger shark. These impressive creatures can grow up to 5 meters in length and are known for their powerful presence underwater. Divers can experience the thrill of swimming alongside these majestic creatures, watching as they glide effortlessly through the water. La Reina is also home to a variety of marine species such as moray eels, octopuses, and nudibranchs. The island's diverse range of marine life and unique underwater landscape makes it a must-visit destination for scuba divers seeking a unique and thrilling underwater experience

When To Go Diving

The best time to dive La Reina is from November to May. During this period, the water temperature is warm and the visibility is excellent, making it an ideal time for diving. From November to January, the water temperature ranges between 23-25°C (73-77°F), and the visibility can be up to 30 meters (100 feet). This is the peak season for diving at La Reina, as the waters are teeming with a variety of marine life, including giant manta rays, schools of jacks and snappers, and several species of sharks. From February to May, the water temperature can rise to 27°C (81°F) and the visibility remains excellent, making it an ideal time for diving. During this period, divers can also encounter humpback whales that migrate to the area to mate and give birth


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