Sea of Cortez

Explore the wonders of the Sea of Cortez through our liveaboard diving trips. Swim with sea lions, whale sharks, and colorful marine life



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Breathtaking underwater landscapes
Variety of marine species
Diverse range of diving opportunities
Sea of Cortez is a remarkable liveaboard diving destination. This stunning marine ecosystem is home to a diverse range of species, including sea lions, whale sharks, and giant manta rays. With its clear waters, diverse topography, and abundance of marine life, the Sea of Cortez is the perfect destination for any diving enthusiast. The region's numerous islands, sea mounts, and reefs offer a variety of diving opportunities, from shallow reefs to deep walls and drift dives. The Sea of Cortez is also known for its rich cultural history, with ancient shipwrecks and underwater caves waiting to be explored. Experience this unique underwater paradise on a Sea of Cortez liveaboard diving trip and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime

Must see dive sites of Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez boasts several must-see dive sites, including La Reina, Las Animas, and Punta Martir. La Reina offers a chance to see large pelagics, including whale sharks, and features underwater pinnacles and canyons. Las Animas is a site for both novice and experienced divers, where you can see colorful coral formations, sea fans, and schools of tropical fish. Punta Martir is a site for more experienced divers, offering the opportunity to see large schools of hammerhead sharks, rays, and sea turtles in a current-swept channel. The site also features steep walls and rocky outcroppings covered in vibrant marine life

When To Go Dive at Sea of Cortez

The best time to go diving in the Sea of Cortez is from May to November when the water temperature ranges from 26°C to 29°C (78°F to 85°F). Currents are generally mild and predictable, making for comfortable dives. The best time to encounter marine animals, such as whale sharks and sea lions, is from July to November

Water temperature
17 C
18 C
19 C
22 C
25 C
28 C
29 C
30 C
29 C
27 C
23 C
2 C

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