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Liveaboard diving at Roca Partida, one of the islets in the Revillagigedo Islands, is an unforgettable experience for any scuba diver seeking adventure and exploration. Roca Partida is a volcanic rock formation rising from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and its underwater topography is characterized by steep walls, overhangs, and caves that offer shelter to a variety of marine species. Diving at Roca Partida is known for its pelagic encounters, including schooling hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, and Galapagos sharks, as well as the occasional sighting of a tiger shark or a whale shark. The dive site is also home to large schools of jacks and snappers, and occasionally large pelagic fish such as tuna or marlin can be spotted. The rock walls of Roca Partida are adorned with colorful corals, sponges, and anemones, providing shelter to smaller species such as moray eels, octopuses, and nudibranchs. Divers can explore the underwater terrain and search for critters hiding in the crevices and caves. Liveaboard diving at Roca Partida offers the advantage of multiple dives in a day, allowing divers to fully explore the dive site and maximize their chances of encountering the large marine species that inhabit these waters. The challenging conditions and depth of the dive site require a high level of experience and skill, making it an ideal destination for advanced divers seeking a unique and exhilarating diving experience


When To Go Diving

The best time for diving at Roca Partida is from November to May when the weather conditions and water temperature are most favorable. During the winter months of December to February, the water temperature can drop to around 22°C (72°F), so it's important to bring a thick wetsuit or dry suit to stay warm. However, this is also the best time to see large schools of hammerhead sharks and other pelagic species. From March to May, the water temperature rises to around 27°C (80°F), providing more comfortable diving conditions. This time of year is ideal for encountering large schools of jacks, tuna, and other pelagic species

What to see

When diving at Roca Partida, you can expect to encounter a variety of pelagic species, including schooling hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, and Galapagos sharks. Other large marine animals such as whale sharks, tiger sharks, and manta rays can also occasionally be spotted. In addition to pelagic species, Roca Partida is home to a variety of smaller marine life such as colorful corals, sponges, and anemones. These provide shelter to many species of fish and invertebrates, including moray eels, octopuses, and nudibranchs. You can explore the underwater terrain and search for critters hiding in the crevices and caves


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