Scuba diving in Admiralty

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 40 m
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 60 m
Admiralty is located at the southern end of Osprey Reef in Australia and features a steep drop-off. The dive site is named after the very old Admiralty-style anchor in a cave here, which creates an interesting swim-through. The coral gardens intermingle with sandy channels, making for incredible topography.

When to go

Admiralty has a tropical climate with an average water temperature of 22-29C/72-84F. The best visibility is from September to November, while the humpback whale season is from June to November. The rainy season is from December to February.

What to see

The pristine reefs of Admiralty are home to an abundance of species, including midnight snapper, different types of wrasses, and a few reef sharks. Other marine life includes lyretail hogfish, sandperch, occasional eagle rays, and moray eels.

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