Scuba diving in Flat Rock

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Average: 25 m
Maximum: not available
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 25 m
The Flat Rock dive site is a rocky island in Brisbane, Australia that is surrounded by coral reefs. This site is isolated from Stradbroke Island, which makes it a cozy and remarkable place for divers and tourists. Plenty of small, tropical fish can be found in a shallow area called the Nursery. Schools of sharks are common in a deeper area called Shark Gutters or Shark Alley. The average depth is 25m/82ft.

When to go

The climate is humid subtropical in Brisbane. Summers are mostly hot and humid, while winters tend to be warm and dry. The average summer temperature is above 30C/86F. Winters in Brisbane (June to August) are mild, with an average temperature of 20C/68F. Thunderstorms are common from November to March, and are accompanied with crushing winds and rain showers on rare occasions.

What to see

The gray nurse shark population increases every winter, and makes diving at Flat Rock popular. Diving at this site is enchanting, because divers can spot turtles, eagle rays, pelagic fish, leopard sharks, and occasionally manta rays.

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