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Fishtail, situated close to Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, is a dive site characterized by its diverse underwater landscapes. From sandy patches to coral outcrops, the site provides varied habitats for its resident marine life. The dance of light and shadow on the seabed, coupled with the site's rich biodiversity, creates an ethereal diving experience. The name "Fishtail" aptly encapsulates the abundance and variety of fish that divers can encounter in this underwater paradise

When To Go Diving

For an optimal diving experience at Fishtail near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, the months from December to April are ideal. During these months, the sea temperatures consistently range between 23°C to 26°C (73°F to 78°F)

What to see

Fishtail dive site offers a myriad of marine sightings, including the graceful tiger and lemon sharks. The waters are also home to colorful reef fish such as parrotfish, wrasses, and butterflyfish. Divers might also encounter rays gliding along the bottom, with moray eels peeking out from crevices and schools of jacks swimming overhead

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