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Shark Paradise, nestled near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, is an underwater sanctuary that promises adrenaline-filled encounters with its namesake. The dive site presents a sandy seabed interspersed with patches of coral, creating the perfect setting for sharks to congregate and interact. The relatively shallow depth and good visibility make it a favorite among photographers and videographers looking to capture the raw beauty and power of these marine predators in their natural habitat. Each dive at Shark Paradise is a thrilling spectacle, a testament to the rich biodiversity of the Bahamas' waters

When To Go Diving

For optimal diving conditions at Shark Paradise, near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, aim for December to April. Sea temperatures during this period usually stay between 23°C to 26°C (73°F to 78°F)

What to see

True to its name, Shark Paradise is a haven for shark enthusiasts. The site teems with lemon sharks, tiger sharks, and occasionally, the graceful hammerhead. In addition to these apex predators, divers can spot schools of snapper, barracuda, and the vibrant queen angelfish. Soft and hard coral structures play host to smaller marine life, including blennies, gobies, and crustaceans

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