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El Dorado, situated close to Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, is an underwater marvel evoking the allure of a golden city. While it may not be paved with gold, its marine biodiversity is certainly a treasure. The dive site offers varied topographies, from sandy bottoms to coral-covered ridges, providing divers with diverse habitats to explore. The play of light through the water, combined with the abundant marine life, ensures that every dive at El Dorado feels like discovering a submerged city of treasures

When To Go Diving

For a prime diving experience at El Dorado near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, the months of December through April are recommended. During this period, divers can expect sea temperatures to stay between 23°C to 26°C (73°F to 78°F)

What to see

El Dorado, a treasure in its own right, boasts a rich marine life spectrum. Divers can expect encounters with various shark species, including the majestic tiger and nimble lemon sharks. The reef areas surrounding El Dorado are frequented by colorful reef fish such as angelfish, butterflyfish, and vibrant parrotfish. Eels, rays, and playful dolphins also occasionally grace the waters of this dive site

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