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You can easily spin the globe and put your finger on somewhere to travel. Does it work the same way with scuba diving vacations? Scuba diving and traveling go hand-in-hand, and there is a world of underwater adventures waiting for you. But what about logistics? Obviously some places are a little bit more remote than others. We have selected the top dive spots that you can explore only on a liveaboard diving trip, and not in a one-day dive format. Here are our top 7 spots to go on a liveaboard.

1. Socorro. The best known of the Revillagigedos Islands in Mexico, Socorro already become a famous place to dive. Because it is in a remote location, it can only be accessed on a liveaboard diving cruise. If we had to pick one dive site, we would go with the highly rated “Boiler”. There is a manta ray cleaning station here, and you will have unforgettable experience. Mantas aren’t the only species here–the other A-list inhabitants are hammerheads and other sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, and even humpback whales.

Top Liveaboards: Nautilus Under Sea, Socorro Aggressor, Socorro Vortex

2. Guadalupe Island. Guadalupe is another world-famous spot in Mexico. This destination is very different from what you normally experience when diving from a liveaboard. Although there no particular dive sites to explore, this place is worth your attention because you can have the experience of your life with great white sharks. You are lowered in a cage in different spots around the island, and there you are, just you and great white sharks passing by and towards you. No more words needed…

Top Liveaboards: Nautilus Explorer, Solmar V, Southern Sport

3. Sudan. This destination is not highly visited by tourists, but it’s definitely a liveaboard specialty. Sudan offers more challenging diving for those who have already discovered the northern parts of the Red Sea. Cousteau’s Conshelf (aka Precontinent II) is here, the most fascinating and bizarre spot that Jacques Cousteau picked for his “World Without Sun” documentary, where he lived for a month in 1963.

Top Liveaboards: Royal Evolution, Galaxy 720

4. Farondi Island. In the Raja Ampat archipelago, Farondi Island is known for its amazing seascape. The spot features 2 dive sites in particular: Verena’s Garden and Goa Besar. Both dive sites have breathtakingly beautiful wall diving with tunnels and caves. The brightly colored coral gardens, sponges, and marine life look even better amid the bubbling coming out of the island’s walls.

Top Liveaboards: Sea Safari 6, Cheng Ho, Blue Manta

5. North Horn of Osprey Reef, Australia. The dive site is located in a remote atoll in the Coral Sea. It is actually considered to be one of the best diving spots in Australia, featuring all the shark species in the Great Barrier Reef. Goosebumps and a true adrenalin rush are guaranteed, as shark feeding is commonly practiced here.

Top Liveaboards: Spirit of Freedom, Spoilsport

6. Cocos Island. This main attraction of this spot is hammerhead sharks. The top site here is Bajo Alcyone. From the seamount, the top opens up to a wide scene with many hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and mobula rays passing by on their way to the cleaning stations.

Top Liveaboards: Okeanos Aggressor II, Argo, Sea Hunter

7. Brother Islands, Egypt. These two tiny islands have been declared a national marine park, and are considered to be one of the best places in Egypt to dive with sharks. In addition to sharks, this area hash pristine corals, colorful reef fish, and other pelagics that make it a very famous liveaboard destination. There are also 2 interesting wrecks where you can dive toward the north of the islands (Aida and Numidia).

Top Liveaboards: Emperor Elite, Golden Dolphin III, Blue Fin

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