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This extremely diverse and beautiful country keeps on surprising the world with its unique natural adventures. And when it comes to visiting below the ocean's surface, one particular part of its marine heritage stands out above all others. Diving the Great Barrier Reef should be at the top of any true dive enthusiasts' must-do list of places to visit.

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Spirit of Freedom Liveaboard of Freedom LiveaboardSpirit of Freedom, 2 reviews

Wonderful experience on the Great Barrier Reef

Wonderful 3-day liveaboard trip on the GBR, great boat, great diving spots, awesome team together with a perfect service, seamless experience...
I strongly recommend this trip as everything went just perfect.
The return trip by plane from Lizard Island to Cairns is totally worth it.
Spoilsport Liveaboard LiveaboardMike Ball Dive Expeditions, 2 reviews

Turtle Trip

Spoilsport is a comfortable boat. The food and facilities are excellent. The budget cabin is small but we managed to work together to avoid any hassles. The shared bathroom facilities did not present any problems. The rooms were kept clean as were the shared facilities.
The diving operations are very well run. The dive briefings are good and the staff friendly and efficient. Safety is a key feature and treated seriously. The dive staff rate very highly in my estimation.
The food and beverages are excellent. Coffee facilities are available as is a bar. The quality of the food is very good. The staff in this area also rate highly in my estimation.
The diving was impacted by wind from the "wrong" direction. This dictated a change in the itinerary. The first few days of the trip had average diving. The turtles did not materialize during our dives on Raine reef. They were around but staying out. The last part of the trip made up for the poor start. We ventured out to largely pristine un-dived sites and experienced some great dives.
My fellow guests were gregarious and made for a fun trip.
The Captain, crew and boat and services are good. The dive operations are well conducted. The weather impacted the itinerary due to safety concerns. That's diving.
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