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Oman Aggressor LiveaboardOman Aggressor Liveaboard

Mixed feelingsVerified review

The boat was excellent but the diving was below expectations. Cold water with hit and miss viz. Not a lot of the marine life which I had hoped for...
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Belize Aggressor III LiveaboardBelize Aggressor III Liveaboard

New Year Week DiveVerified review

Overall, I have a great time on the Aggressor lll. The crew was attentive in most part. I'm impressed that each and every member alternate duties as matre de and dressed according, a nice touch! The food was delicious and plentiful. Also, the beer and wine was a nice touch, even though, I only drink one glass of wine for my night cap. The dive sites I would rate "8" couple sites was mediocre to visibility. I accepted better from a live aboard, since, they can find shelter due to wind. Plus, we moved from a great visibility to a bad one for dive 3&4 and 1&2 on the last days. I was a little disappointed on the Blue Hole dive! They only had 2 dive guides and it was mandatory group dive w 16 dives, 2 stayed on board. The first guide had a video camera and another guide was in the back. So many protocol was broken!!! Divers exceeded 130+ depth, buoyancy control, lots of narc divers. My friend and I had to help a diver out, since, he couldn't control his buoyancy and was sinking too fast. The guide w the camera, finally, noticed it and came to our assistant, but, handed her video camera to my friend. I was carrying a camera too, but was a customer. There was a diver that just got her nitrox certification the night before and used nitrox on that dive. She didn't watch her depth!! And that was her first deep dive and doesn't have a deep dive certification and it was the 12th dive! Also, her 1st dive of the cruise day one, she should have been required to do a refresher course. Since, she haven't dove for over 2 years. The family with 4 teenagers didn't have enough dive to have dive the BLUE HOLE. Blue Hole dive should have been required to have an ADVANCE certification. It was a chaos dives in the BLUE HOLE. Other dives, they were sometimes 3 or 4 dive guides, so, why didn't they have 3 guides on the deepest dive!! Maybe, one w a camera to film and 2 guiding and be a safety diver! Also, when the dive guide has a camera/video camera they need to limit themselves how long they are filming their sea life subjects. Other people, especially, paying customers might have a camera too and want to take a picture of the sea life before it vanished off. I finally got tired on 2 instances and took my shoots cause he/she was taking too long.. However, I didn't do that to any other divers only the camera crew. The camera outlet needs to be in a better locations. I have to cover my electrical plugs and two instance the grid was OFF. I lost footage on the Blue Hole dive and a different day. I finally moved my electrical inside to charge and the captain made a comment. I even used and shared my 2 surge protector plugs for other divers. Safety on the Blue Hole and camera etiquette should be held HIGHLY, especially ,from the crew! Other than that they were a great crew and I had a great time! The chef, Randy, was the friendliest !!! The food was the best I had, especially, Vanessa, turkey's stuffing. I didn't eat a lot of snacks but it was plentiful and delicious. Also, they accommodate of doing a midnight dive since it was New Years Eve. However, we should have pushed back an 1hr/2hr for our morning dive to the Blue Hole. I think the lack of sleep made people cranky, including me. And some people was excited and narc cause of depth and lack of sleep. Would I dive on the Aggressor again with the same crew, YES. Now, they know my expectations. I did tip them, but, I deducted some due to etiquette and safety.
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Palau Aggressor II LiveaboardPalau Aggressor II Liveaboard

Excellent all the way aroundVerified review

You can't go wrong with the Aggressor fleet. The Palau Aggressor II takes you to more dive sites than you could ever do from a resort and if there's enough interest they can organize a land tour of Pelileu island. They can also organize a trip after your dive trip to jellyfish lake and rock islands. There is more free time on this trip than other liveaboards at the end. The food is fabulous and the divemasters know where to find all the things you came to see. There are usually 3 divemasters in the water with 2 groups of divers.
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About Aggressor Fleet

Since 1984 Aggressor Fleet has mastered providing its guests with an ultimate liveaboard diving experience. Every dive yacht is designed with the diver's safety requirements and comfort in mind. Nowadays Aggressor is one of the leading and the most influential diving service operators in the industry. It runs more than 20 vessels worldwide. Each yacht is independently owned and operated. The company proudly keeps its reputation and works hard to deliver high-standard services aboard each vessel fleet wide.       Destinations Aggressor Fleet offers liveaboard diving vacations worldwide. The yachts are cruising in the World’s Top diving destinations: Indonesia (Bali, Komodo National Park, Flores, Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Tulamben); Thailand (Andaman Sea); Egypt (Red Sea); Fiji; Palau Islands; Maldives; Oman; Costa Rica (Cocos Island, Cano Island, Guanacaste & Bat Islands); Ecuador (Galapagos Islands); Hawaii (Kona Island); Caribbean incl. Bahamas; Belize; Cayman Islands; Honduras (Roatan Island); Cuba (part of Ocean for Youth Travel Program); Turks & Caicos and Dominican Republic (Silver Bank).     Featured Trips There are plenty of special featured trips you can join with Aggressor Liveaboards. The owners, Wayne B. Brown, CEO and Wayne Hasson, President love to interact with guests during “Dive with the Owners Cruises” and swap diving stories at many diving expos and tradeshows. Are you a wine enthusiast? Join CEO Wayne Brown for a wine appreciation charter. Want to try the newest Aqua Lung dive equipment not yet on the market? Join an Aqua Lung demo week and receive a free dive bag. There are also family weeks (children get 25% OFF), single traveler charters which is a great opportunity to have a good time and meet other single travelers, Dive the World Weeks at 25% OFF, snorkeling with Humpback Whales at the Silver Bank and the list goes on and on.     Price & Services High standard service and family approach guarantee aboard all Aggressor yachts. That includes personal touches and tiny details like delicious between-dive snacks, warm freshwater showers on the spacious dive deck and pampered service from an attentive crew - all for one great price! Everything is included: diving, accommodations, chef prepared meals, snacks, soft beverages, local beer and wine, and diving. This is what the Aggressor Fleet liveaboard lifestyle is all about! The cruises offer something for everyone and whatever boat you go you can count on the equal standards of services provided.     Special Offers Aggressor Fleet offers multiple specials and discount throughout a year. There are core discount programs like: “Dive the World Weeks” are fixed weeks offering 25% OFF the general price on every vessel (up to 5 weeks per vessel per year). “Family Weeks” provide children and teens under 17 y.o. with a 25% OFF. Those are fixed cruises aboard Cayman Aggressor IV and Turks & Caicos Aggressor II. On top of that Aggressor constantly offers additional discounts fleet wide or randomly by destination. That includes great sales on Aggressor’s Anniversary, etc. By the end there are always special discounted trips available with Aggressor Liveaboards.
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Aggressor Fleet Payment Terms & Cancellation

50% is needed to secure the booking. The remaining part should be paid 93 days prior to the arrival. If you book later then 93 days before the start of the trip - the total amount should be paid at a time. In case of cancellation, 20% will be charged. In 123 days before the start of the trip, a cancellation fee will be 40%. In 93 days 100% will be charged
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