Dive into Roatan, Honduras - a hidden gem in the Caribbean, where pristine reefs and vibrant marine life await beneath the waves
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Vibrant Reefs
Diverse Marine Life
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Roatan, nestled in the Caribbean waters of Honduras, is a diver's paradise renowned for its lush coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. Divers can expect to see a kaleidoscope of fish species, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and the elusive frogfish. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world's second-largest, offers a home to vibrant hard and soft corals, sponges, and sea fans, creating an underwater spectacle. Roatan's dive sites feature unique topographies, from dramatic walls and shipwrecks to tranquil sandy bottoms and swim-throughs. The spectacular coral reef surrounding Roatan Island is part of the second-largest coral reef system in the world. 

Getting there is straightforward - after arriving at Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport in Roatan, divers can easily reach the port in French Harbour via taxi or shuttle services, providing a swift gateway to their diving adventures

When To Go Dive in Honduras - Roatan

Honduras is hot and humid almost year-round. The rainy period is from May through October, and the dry season is from November through April. The hurricane season is from June to the end of November. An average air temperature varies from 27-29°C (81-84°F), and the period from July to October is the hottest. The average water temperature varies from 26-29C/79-84F all year round. Currents are mostly mild but can vary by location. The visibility can be from 15-45m/49-148ft, being best from February through June. There is a high diversity of marine species, including dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, grouper, barracudas, angelfish, butterflyfish, grunts, manta rays, schools of blue tangs, parrotfish, yellow-tail snappers, horse-eye jacks, octopi, lobsters, crabs, moray eels, hammerhead sharks, and even whale sharks. Visibility is excellent during these months, making it ideal for underwater photography and exploration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a wetsuit in Roatan?
Wearing a wetsuit in Roatan is advisable, primarily due to the frequency of dives to ensure comfort and protection under the water. Given that many guests participate in up to 5 dives daily, some form of protection against prolonged exposure to water and marine elements is necessary. A 1-3mm wetsuit or shorty is recommended
What kind of marine life can I see in Roatan?

In Roatan, divers are treated to a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. Here's a glimpse of the marine life you can encounter in these vibrant waters:

  • Colorful Reef Fish: Roatan's reefs are bustling with a variety of tropical fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, and the ever-popular clownfish among the anemones.

  • Larger Predators: The waters are home to several species of sharks, such as the nurse shark and Caribbean reef shark, which are often a highlight for divers.

  • Sea Turtles: Both hawksbill and green sea turtles are commonly seen gliding gracefully or feeding on the seagrass beds and coral.

  • Eagle Rays and Stingrays: These majestic creatures are often spotted in the sandy areas and around the reefs.

  • Eels: Moray eels, particularly the green moray, are frequently observed poking out of crevices within the coral.

  • Crustaceans and Mollusks: Look out for lobsters, crabs, and a variety of colorful nudibranchs along the reef.

  • Octopuses and Squid: These intelligent and fascinating creatures are also part of Roatan’s underwater world, often seen during night dives.

  • Groupers and Snappers: Large groupers and schools of snappers are common sights around Roatan's dive sites.

  • Macro Life: For those interested in macro photography, Roatan's reefs offer a plethora of small critters, such as shrimp, sea slugs, and tiny fish.

  • Coral Species: Roatan's reefs boast a healthy and diverse range of hard and soft corals, sponges, and sea fans, providing a colorful backdrop to every dive.

Roatan's marine biodiversity offers something for every diver, whether you are a novice or an experienced underwater explorer. The island's dive sites present a wonderful opportunity to witness the captivating and vibrant life that thrives beneath the waves of the Caribbean Sea


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Roatan Aggressor
Wonderful crew, amazing food, fantastic diving!
The Roatán Aggressor is a 110’ vessel specifically designed for diving. The spacious dive platform has an abundance of storage for any diving extras and equipment. The boat was meticulously ... Read more
clean as we boarded Saturday afternoon. Initial welcome aboard and briefing occurred and we were shown our assigned tanks. Nitrox and steel 100’s were available for extra (paid at end of trip). After setting up our BCD’s and regulators we were shown to our assigned cabins. As a word of caution, pack light as you’ll have half of a deep drawer. The cabins were a little dated and showed some use. But that wasn’t an issue for me. I was there to dive. Only time I spent in the cabin was sleeping, or napping. The rest was diving, cooling off in the salon, or up on the sun deck. I can’t speak highly enough of the crew. Eddie was an amazing captain, and he’s right there with the DM’s and rest of the crew for the common busy work. Eddie, Steiner, Kevin, and Captain Eddie were the DM’s on the boat. There was always one to two of them in the water. They don’t “guide” dives (probably due to some BS lawsuit), but you are more than welcome to follow them in the water as they point out the abundance of macro life. I celebrated my 100th dive on board which was a special treat. And happened to earn iron diver, doing all 25 dives. Every day had four to five dives. They dive briefed every site and navigation was easy with the reef and walls serving as guides. I’d typically start the dive following DM’s and after 20 mins would wander off with my dive buddy. I can’t speak highly enough of the food. Breakfast was a continental breakfast from 0600-0630. Followed by a hot breakfast with made to order eggs and the usual stuff that goes along. Lunches were fantastic. Usually a freshly made soup, salad, a protein, and various sides. Dinners were the real deal and five star quality every time. Ms. Jana and Franklin were in the kitchen, and they were real culinary masterpieces. Always hot, and cooked to perfection. Fish, steak, pork, chicken… all of it was magnificent. My recommendation, be yourself, bring a good attitude, and be prepared to dive. The crew is amazing and there for you and all of your needs. They’re genuine, and care about your experience. I got to know them well and appreciate each of them to the point where they feel like family. I haven’t laughed been felt with this much love joy and peace in a very long time. The diving wasn’t difficult and Captain Eddie did a phenomenal job anticipating weather. We had two days of breeze/wind/currents and he would place the boat on the leeward side of the island so we could dive in better conditions. We saw it all expect whale sharks. Spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks, gray reef sharks, sea urchins, octopus, wrecks and the abundance of macro. The corals were vibrant and healthy. Especially in Utila where it’s less dived and less fished. I can’t recommend this boat highly enough. Epic people, epic boat, and epic diving.
E. Matthew
Roatan Aggressor
Good Diving, Good Food, Good Crew!
The Roatan Aggressor is clean and all facilities are working. The AC is effective, but temperatures wander on either side of the thermostat setting, from sweating to freezing, over and over.... Read more
And, one of those that probably bothered no one but me, the boat often had a bit of a list. The crew was friendly and welcoming, and the critter finders ("We don't lead dives!") are very knowledgeable and know the dive sites. They use yellow painted tanks so they are easier to locate, and stand out from the crowd. Ah yes, the crowd. The Aggressor model of diving from the mothership, and often having a single critter finder in the water, tends to concentrate the guests in a small underwater area. Not my favorite method of operation, your mileage may vary. If you are a serious photographer you're probably going to have to be... steadfast, to get your shots. Food was fabulous. Drinks were plentiful with a good variety, but the sodas are in a refrigerator on the sun deck. The dive day (and night) will take you up and down the sundeck stairs several times. Extra trips for a drink were not welcome. BUT if you ask a crew member, they will get a soda for you. I couldn't bring myself to do that except when seated for dinner. The Friday night dinner at the Yacht Club was delicious but it was a $50 (steak) dinner and an alcoholic drink. Don't get me wrong, if I can afford this trip I can afford that dinner, but I was glad that while they do take cards, I had plenty of cash. Dive sites visited. Of course that's a trip-by-trip deal due to conditions at any given time. And on my trip a couple of dive days started very early. But bottom line, that is what it is, we must work with the ocean and weather. I hope they can get you to Utila. Roatan is of course good diving, but the former has less runoff clouding the waters around it. Simply beautiful waters over there. It was good to see the west end and northwest side of Roatan after exclusively diving the south side since 2007
G. Kevin
Roatan Aggressor
Covid 19 Open border
Feb 27-March 6 It was a week of Full moon. Weather wasn’t in our favor during my Liveaboard safari. The winds didn’t allow us to dive the south until our last day. However, Captain Eddy tr... Read more
ied his best. I was very impressed he dove with us on several occasions. His personality is so Genuinely nice, very welcoming, and warm! He really means what he says. Kevin and Callie, dive masters, was easy to talk to. Kevin has great eyes of finding macros and 3 stargazers. Callie slayed the lion fish for our ceviches with couple crew members and guests. Those were my top three people that made an imprint. I have to say the crew was great. Except, the cruise director, Jonathan, could use hospitality and Charm school. However, he did a good job on his photo video. But, I wish he didn’t favor 3 clients that was there. They didn’t even purchased the video. The Food was amazing! The presentation to the flavors of our meal was very good. We had plenty of food and felt like I was at 4star restaurant, since , they didn’t wear there WHITE uniform shirts and dinner felt rush. The “bubble” that Aggressor have Implemented made me feel safe: pick up from the airport to Covid testing was Flawless. They even arranged a small mini tour to a brewery with breakfast the day of departure, instead of sitting at the airport for hrs. The only negative thing I have was the cocktail service on Friday. Been on 4 Aggressor and received 4 iron medals the ceremony could have been better, especially the Hors d’oeuvres. We had Potatoes chips, nuts, saltine crackers and cheese, tortilla chips w lion fish ceviches. The alcoholic drinks.. could be better.. especially the container that was used. I felt it was a last minute Impromptu teenagers party. That’s not what I was accustomed to on the previous Aggressor cocktail party. All in all I would rate the Roatan Aggressor a 4 (B)
L. Evy