Scuba diving in Whale Rock

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From Boat
Average: 49.2 ft
Maximum: 82 ft
Average: 32.8 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft
The Whale Rock is located near Praslin Island and is best suited for CMAS*/OW divers.This site is great for night dives when the coral studded rocks are a blaze of color.

When to go

The best conditions for diving this site are April - May and October - November. The average annual air temperature in this area is around 25C/77F. The average water temperature ranges from 26C/78F to 30C/86F.

What to see

The site features large granite boulders stacked together to form archways, swim-through's and corridors. Moray eels, turtles, shell fish, scorpion fish, soldier fish, stingrays, anemones and Seychelles clownfish, leaf fish and lionfish are just a few of its occupants.

Reachable from

Port Glaud, Anse Volbert

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