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Dredger Wreck

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  • Depth max:

    30 m
  • Visibility:

    to 10m
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The Dredger Wreck dive site is located a short distance off the Mahe Island. It used to be a dredger which now lies on its side at the depth of around 25m/82ft. This dive site is recommended to AOW divers (advanced).

When To Go Diving

Although diving the Dredger Wrack is possible all year long the best conditions are from April through May and October through November. The average air temperature in this area is around 25C/77F throughout the year. The average water temperature is around 29C/84F. The average water visibility is about 5-10m/16-32ft.

What to see

Coming here divers can explore the wreck covered by different species of corals and a variety of reef fish including large shoals of the Yellow Snapper, pepper and snow-flake morays, Stone and Scorpion fish.

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Reviews about Dredger Wreck

First of all great thx to all of the Blue Sea's d
First of all great thx to all of the Blue Sea's diver team, We were comletely satisfied with the services and careness to the guests. Perfect diving routes we were provided in advance. The most outstanding dive site we were lucky to visit was Dredger Wreck. Frankly speaking I'm keen on and so excited of such kind of diving activity. It's not so difficult as I thought, aproximately 20-25 meters depth, and it longs about 35 minutes. Warm clear water provides yoo with a good visibility, and you comletely enjoy your trip, accom... Read more
panied with some species of fish i realy never met before
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