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Best Diving Destinations in Seychelles

The Most Beautiful Dive Sites in Seychelles

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About scuba diving in Seychelles

The Seychelles, with its 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, offers diverse and impressive scuba diving opportunities. Only 15 of the islands are inhabited, and most visited are considered to be Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Tourists can reach Seychelles by plane, using the Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) near Victoria. Scuba diving in Seychelles should not be missed because of its variety and quality of coral and marine life. Divers get a chance to explore stunning reefs, walls, pinnacles, drop offs, wrecks and canyons teeming with both fish and coral life. The Inner Islands are remains of a submerged mountain range, resting on a shallow plateau filled with prolific marine life. The Outer Islands to the south of the archipelago are all coralline or sand cays and mainly uninhabited. Mahe and Praslin are the most popular diving regions on Seychelles. In Mahe most diving is done near Beau Vallon. In Praslin divers can dive from Anse Volbert. Most of the dive sites can be reached by a 15 minutes boat ride. There is a marine park at Cape Terney that is full of life and features a healthy colony of hard corals. There are some drift dives available as well but the majority of the sites are reef diving. The most known and exciting dive site on the Seychelles is the Marine Park in Cape Ternay. L'ilot and Lighthouse are the perfect dive sites when it's whale shark watching season. Shark Banks is another dive site for advanced divers to do shark watching as well as schools of tropical fish. Aquarium is the dive site everyone goes to because it's an easy and beautiful dive.

When to go to Seychelles

Seychelles climate can be characterized as tropical, warm and humid with strong maritime influences. Diving is possible all year-round weather permitted. The best conditions for both the Inner and Outer Islands are during the calm periods which are April through May and October through November. During these months the water temperature rises up to 29C/84F and the water visibility is excellent (up to 30m/98ft). Unlike the Inner Islands, some of the more southerly Outer Islands are close to the cyclone belt and during the period of May through September they can, on occasion, experience extremely rough conditions. The air temperature stays 24-29C/75-84F throughout the year. There is no distinct dry season and there is some level of humidity present at all times. The whale shark and Manta rays watching season is between August and October. Almost always divers can see turtles and rays. It's also common to dive with smaller sharks such as white tip, nursery shark and lemon shark. Sometimes even grey sharks make their appearance. The marine life here includes lots of tropical fish, scorpion fish and schools of trevallies.

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