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Baie Ternay Marine Park

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  • Depth max:

    23 m
  • Visibility:

    to 10m
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Baie Ternay Marine Park is a spectacular dive site located near Mahe Island. It is recommended to get here by boat from Beau Vallon. The site offers options for divers of all experience levels and is perfect for snorkeling.

When To Go Diving

Diving at Baie Ternay Marine Park is available pretty much throughout the year. The best conditions, however, are from April through May and October through November. The average air temperature in this area is around 25C/77F throughout the year. The average water temperature is around 29C/84F. The site has a maximum depth of 23m/80ft and medium visibility of 5-10m/16-32ft. The currents are low ( < 1 knots).

What to see

The park features a reef with corals of exceptional quality as well as lots of colorful fish, both macro and pelagic. Among others, expect to see nudibranchs, anemones, invertebrates, seahorses, morays, jacks, octopi and hawksbill turtles. In the deeper areas, eagle rays, groupers, sharks and seasonal whale sharks can be spotted.

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Reviews about Baie Ternay Marine Park

We have been suggested to dive in Ternay Marine Pa
We have been suggested to dive in Ternay Marine Park by Liz (Big Blue Divers) during our holidays in November last year. Surely worth diving spot! Gorgeous colorful corals and tropical fish everywhere, it never gets boring diving in this spot. We have also met small white tip sharks and turtles. Everybody will find the attraction in this park, there is a possibility for snorkeling as well! Rgds, Serge
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