Scuba diving in Muiron Islands

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Diver level
Average: 9.84 ft
Maximum: 65.6 ft
Average: 16.4 ft
Maximum: 49.2 ft
The Muiron Islands are deserted islands off the North West Cape in Western Australia that feature swim-throughs. Soft and hard coral gardens impress divers with their colors and shapes, while 3m/10ft-high coral boulders hide abundant marine life. Sometimes it is possible to drift dive between the two islands.

When to go

Diving in the Muiron Islands is available year-round, with the best visibility from September to November. An average water temperature is 23-27C/73-81F. The humpback whale season is from June to August.

What to see

The Muiron Islands are known for giant potato cod, dugongs, sea turtles, humpback whales, and dolphins. Other species at this dive site include stingrays, batfish, manta rays, clownfish, and anemones.

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Dive center`s Special Offers

  • Exmouth Dive Ningaloo

    Trip to Muiron Islands (2 Dives)

    This tour involves 2 dives at the best sites of the day. Dive Ningaloo likes to visit the less frequented sites and travel further to get to exclusive spots. Between dives we land on the beach for lunch and a look around on your own deserted island. Pick up from 8am, return 4pm approx. These two islands are located only 9nm from Exmouth. The Muirons are different to the west side of the peninsular in terms of coral life, even although they are located close by. Here there is an abundance of soft corals, gorgonians, and sponges fringing the edge of the islands and incredible fish life, turtles and sometimes mantas to inhabit it. Soft corals provide beautiful colours and movement in the water and also are a favourite of turtles, which are there in abundance. Many of the sites also have swim throughs, filled with glass fish and cod. Our favourite site is a beautiful drift dive between the islands. If nudibranchs are your thing, then you’ll love these dives!

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