King Snefro 5 Liveaboard

King Snefro 5 Liveaboard

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King Snefro Fleet

Boat specification

  • Year built: 1999
  • Last renovation date: April, 2011
  • Length / Width: 22 m / 6 m
  • Material: Wood
  • Capacity: 10
  • Languages: Arabic, English, German
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Services available

  • Nitrox: Surcharge
  • Wifi: No
  • Divers with disabilities: No
  • Tech diving: No
  • Double Cabins: No
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Member of King Snefro Fleet King Snefro 5 is a twin King Snefro 5. This boat was made in Alexandria Egypt in 1999. She is ideal for exploring gorgeous the Red Sea underwater world in small groups.

Boat Interior

King Snefro 5 can take in only 10 passengers on board. Rooms have all necessary facilities to make your vacations on a board of King Snefro 5 pleasant. Two rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Other 3 cabins share 2 bathrooms. All are placed on lower deck.

Passengers of King Snefro 5 Liveaboard and their fellow travelers can pass the time in between dives in a spacious air-conditioned salon, that has an entertainment area with TV, CD, DVD and central music system. Chef cook would prepare for you tasty food that would be served at the gorgeous dining area. Plus drivers and their fellow travelers can enjoy a stunning marine view from the sun deck, that has numerous of sun loungers.

Dive Deck

Dive deck on King Snefro 5 Liveaboard is spacious and comfortable, 14 tanks with Nitrox are always on board. Here divers can prepare for the dives.


King Snefro 5 safety is ensured. Boat is holding ISO Certification for Recreational Diving Service Providers (EUF: S 000063 till 30.06.16), is a member of Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS: SSSB 0014 S).

Diving in Small Groups

If you want to get personal care and dive in small group King Snefro 5 Liveaboard is excellent for you. Boats capacity is only 10 divers, so you can be sure that you will get attention from the instructor while you are underwater.

Wreck Diving

For dives with experience and certain certification, King Snefro 5 offers diving on known World War II wrecks of Red Sea, like Thistlegorm and Dunraven. Divers can still see trains, trucks, and motorcycles on a board of Thistlegorm. “Dunraven" sunken ship that lies upside down diagonal to the reef. The wreck is densely covered with stone coral, magnificent soft corals and is now home to a numerous of marine critters.


King Snefro 5 Liveaboard itinerary includes diving on dive sites like Strait of Tiran, Ras Mohammеd National Park. The incredible diversity of soft and hard corals, an awesome variety of colorful reef fish and big pelagic species, such as snappers, barracudas, tuna, and sharks will make diving at any location of the Straits of Tiran memorable. In Ras Mohammеd National Park diver can find vertical walls, coral gardens, and plateau.

When to go

You can dive in the Red Sea all year round. The best time for diving here is from the end of March to the end of November. Average water temperature is about 28C/82F even at 30 m/98 ft deep in summer months.

Together with King Snefro 5 Liveaboard you can get an extraordinary diving vacation. Colorful variуty of corals and fish will impress even experienced diver. Variety of dive sites, wrecks, reefs, walls, all this can make vacation on the Red Sea memorable


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Mini Safari Ras Mohamed-Thistlegorm

4 Days / 3 Nights (Approximately 6 dives)
  • Departure port:Sharm El Sheikh
  • Return port:Sharm El Sheikh
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Cabins King Snefro 5

  • Twin Berth Cabin (Bunk Style)

    Lower Deck
    Twin beds (bunk-style)
    Max occupancy:
    Ensuite bathroom:
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Additional options King Snefro 5

All these services you can order when booking
  • Equipment Rental
  • Courses and Specialities
  • Manifolds (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR12
  • SMB Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR2
  • Full Equipment Rental (excl. Computer & Torch) (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR25
  • Full Equipment Rental (excl. Computer & Torch) (per Mini Safari) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR75
  • Full Equipment Rental (excl. Computer & Torch) (per 7 Nights Trip) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR35
  • Mask + Snorkel Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR3
  • Full Equipment Rental (incl. Computer & Torch) (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR25
  • Open Heel Fins + Boots Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR5
  • Closed Heel Fins Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR3
  • Boots Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR3
  • Short Wetsuit Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR7
  • Full Wetsuit Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR10
  • BCD Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR10
  • Regulator Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR10
  • Computer Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR10
  • Torch Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR7
  • Underwater Camera Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR50
  • Compass Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR5
  • 15 Litre Tank Rental (per Day) Equipment Rental and CoursesEUR5

Reviews about King Snefro 5

8.8 Good8 reviews
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    King Snefro 5 Liveaboard

    Terrible rooms and terrible guide

    No one came to pick us upat the airport. We're told he was there but there was no sign with names. Finally we found someone from our tour company and they helped us reach. The lady told us that the guy is waiting at the airport, but when we got out, there was no one. And we had a delayed flight so I don't agree that he was yet to come. He should've been there.
    No one to help us with our luggage into the rooms. The guide just sat there. He collected the park fee and that was it. He sat and sat!
    TERRIBLE ROOMS- one side of the boat had no air conditioner. It was terrible.
    We had to change the room in the middle of the night and even then we couldn't sleep as there was so much of fumes coming from the boats exhaust right into the AC vents. No help was given by the boat guide at all. He was busy chilling and smoking his sheesha.
    The washroom was leaking!!!! When you flush it would start to leak from the pipes!
    We initially asked the guide to show us how it works, and he made a very irritated face and says, u should know how to work it. It is simple and I asked u earlier whereas he never did. That is not how a guide works.
    The guide was very rude. Was treating all like he is some ruler. Bossing around. For briefing he would wait and pass comments such as "guess the others don't wanna dive" or "looks like they don't know what time the briefing is supposed to be" instead to sending someone and calling them. We were renting the gear and he was making such faces when we were taking time as if we want to delay.. Not helped us even once with our gear.
    We were only 5 divers and still he would make a fuss about it.
    If one diver not feeling well, he sent the buddy diver also up instead of just leaving the unwell diver at the boat. We had just started the dive so it was very easy for him to leave one diver and come back. But he decided to send the diver's buddy also back.
    Same dive spot 3 times.

    After all this he wanted a tip! We gave a tip and it was only for the other 4 workers.
    Food was good. And the other 4 workers were good too.
    I don't think I will go again with King snefro after such a bad experience.

    44.00 Bad
      King Snefro 5 Liveaboard

      Minisafari with Manta and Dolphins

      A very nice Minisafari to Thistlegorm and back to Sharm El Sheikh.

      Last dive at Ras Um Sid was finished with a Manta Ray, thank you.
      88.00 Good
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