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Hog Fish

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Nurse sharks

Hog Fish, aptly named after the prevalent hogfish species, is a captivating dive site near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach. This underwater realm presents divers with a mosaic of sandy patches, coral formations, and intermittent rocky outcrops. With moderate depths and clear waters, it's an excellent spot for both novice and experienced divers. The varied topography coupled with the abundant marine life ensures a delightful dive, filled with moments of discovery and admiration


When To Go Diving

For the best diving experience at Hog Fish near Grand Bahama & Tiger Beach, consider the months from December to April. During this period, sea temperatures hover around 23°C to 26°C (73°F to 78°F)

What to see

Hog Fish dive site boasts a diverse marine life spectrum, from the eponymous hogfish to nurse sharks and lemon sharks. Other frequent sightings include spotted eagle rays, grouper, and vibrant schools of grunt. Coral heads and sponges scattered across the site provide homes to critters like cleaner shrimp and arrow crabs