Liveaboard diving in

Tracktor Wreck

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    30 m
  • Visibility:

    to 20m
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Traktor Wreck is a particularly good wreck to dive since its stern remains practically untouched. There is no certain information about this wreck, so be ready to create your own story here. It sank about 30 years ago and is lying on a sandy floor at the depth of 30m/98ft. Different parts of the wreck became overgrown with algae, and divers will also be able to see the arches created by fascinating coral reef wall. The ship is a haven to a various marine life including colorful schools of tropical fish.

When To Go Diving

Diving is available all year-round. The average air temperature stays around 25-30C/77-86F. The average water temperature ranges between 27-29C/81-84F. The average depth of the site is 30m/98ft. Water visibility is around 20m/65ft with low currents. Diving here is available for CMAS**/AOW divers.