Scuba diving in Tago Mago

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 18 m
Maximum: 45 m
Medium (1-2 knots)
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Tagomago is a Spanish island in the western Mediterranean. The underwater diving adventure includes exploring deep cliffs, rocks, and coves. The Northern part of the island is interesting because of there are 17th-century anchors at a depth of 20-29m/66-95ft, where the bottom is sandy with only a few rocks. Divers can explore the Cala Llonga cave, surrounded by high mountains and pines, which is a very picturesque place, as well as the Figueral rock formations. Both diving and fishing are available.

When to go

The best time to dive at Tagomago is from May to September, when the weather is dry and the water temperature is about 20-28C/68-82F. Winter is from November to April, with an average air temperature of 15C/59F.

What to see

Divers may encounter schools of barracudas near gorgonians, as well as false haddock, bream, salps, moray eels, lobsters, octopi, and occasionally sharks.

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