Liveaboard diving in


  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    32 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Must see
This is one of the most popular dive sites in Lanzarote. It received its name from the dome of a cave that looks like a cathedral and is also called Blaya de la Barrilla by the locals. Inside the cave lives the signature fish of the island, the big dusky grouper, which local divers call Felix. Moray eels, manta rays, barracudas, scorpion fish, octopus, crawfish and seahorses can also be found here. This is a very diverse and interesting dive. Divers can choose different routes to explore including vertical walls with hidden marine life, immense cliffs where stingrays and angel sharks can be observed, caves with all types of fauna and even a small wreck. There is also a big air pocket where divers can breathe some fresh air. This dive site is best suited for advanced divers. The average depth here is 12m/40ft with the maximum depth of 32m/105ft. Diving at this dive site is done from the shore.

When To Go Diving

The average air temperature is 21C/70F in January and 29C/84F in August. The water temperature ranges from 18C/64F in February to 23C/73F in September and October. Scuba diving can be done year-round. The water is clean with good visibility, 10-30m/33-98ft and there isn’t any current.