Scuba diving in Sharks Galore

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Sharks Galore is a typical drift diving site southwest of Alor in Indonesia. The site is well-known for the sharks that frequently cruise over the coral reef. A drift dive here usually ends at Clown Valley, which is a site full of colorful anemones.

When to go

Sharks Galore is accessible for diving throughout the year. The conditions for diving are perfect from the beginning of March to December. The water temperature varies between 28-30C/82-86F. Air temperatures average 26-32C/79-90F.

What to see

Whitetip reef sharks and gray reef sharks are two types of sharks that are often spotted at Sharks Galore. Dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, and barracudas are often reported here as well. Some of the smaller macro life that inhabits the reef includes mimic octopi, mantis shrimp, and different types of nudibranchs.

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