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Pulau Kri, a captivating jewel in the Raja Ampat archipelago, stands as a must-see dive site for those embarking on a liveaboard diving adventure. Within a dedicated Pulau Kri cruise, divers can explore the remarkable features of this underwater paradise. Vibrant coral reefs stretch as far as the eye can see, showcasing a rich tapestry of hard and soft corals in a dazzling array of colors. The marine life is equally impressive, with encounters with barracuda, trevally, manta rays, and even reef sharks creating unforgettable moments. Pulau Kri's tranquil waters offer the perfect conditions for divers of all skill levels, while the opportunity to dive multiple sites during a liveaboard trip ensures a truly immersive experience. Prepare to be enchanted by the natural beauty and breathtaking diversity that awaits beneath the waves of Pulau Kri

When To Go Diving

The best time to dive on Pulau Kri, located in the Raja Ampat region, is during the dry season from October to April. This period offers optimal visibility and calm seas, allowing divers to fully appreciate the underwater wonders. Throughout the year, Pulau Kri showcases a variety of fish species, including vibrant schools of barracuda and trevally, as well as majestic manta rays. Additionally, strong currents can be encountered, particularly around the northern tip of the island, adding an exhilarating element to the dives. The underwater temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees °C (80 to 86 degrees °F), providing a comfortable environment for divers to explore this remarkable marine paradise


What to see

Pulau Kri beckons divers with its extraordinary biodiversity. Underneath its pristine waters, a vibrant world awaits, teeming with an impressive array of fish and coral species. Divers can encounter bustling schools of barracuda and trevally, gracefully gliding manta rays, and the occasional sighting of reef sharks. The coral reefs of Pulau Kri are a mesmerizing sight, adorned with intricate formations showcasing hard and soft corals in a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colors. Exploring the underwater realm of Pulau Kri is a captivating experience that unveils the awe-inspiring beauty of nature's underwater tapestry

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