Liveaboard diving in

Santa Maria Caves Comino

Must see
The shallow Santa Maria Caves of Comino are some of the most fascinating cave systems in the world, located on the North side of Comino, Malta. Diving here is available for Open Water Divers. More than ten caves are known to divers all having their own special attraction. There are caves half above and half below the water which are also perfect for snorkelers while some are huge underwater tunnels. The beautiful settings and entrances of the caves have been used in filming the movie 'The count of Monte Cristo'.

When To Go Diving

Diving is available year-round. The average depth of the site is 10-21m/32-68ft with water visibility of 25m/80ft. The average air temperature is around 10-15°C/50-59 F in the winter and 21-30°C/70-83F in the summer. The average water temperature is about 14-17°C/58-63F from December through April and 18-25°C/65-77F from May through November.

What to see

Divers here can explore some spectacular rock formations, boulders and arches. All of the common cave inhabitants can be seen at this location including octopus, crabs, spiny lobsters, conger eels, mullets, shrimps, damselfish, morays, groupers and different kinds of sponges.