Scuba diving in Rowley Shoals

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Diver level
Average: 3 m
Maximum: 40 m
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 60 m
Rowley Shoals is a very remote dive site close to Perth in Australia. The coral formations rise up from a staggering 440m/1443ft depth and are affected by 5m/16ft tides that shape the underwater landscape. At low tide, lagoons are formed, and divers will find themselves in a huge crystal-clear swimming pool. They can also venture through the caves, swim-throughs, and down vertical drop-offs.

When to go

The best diving and snorkeling conditions at Rowley Shoals are from October to December. The water temperature range is 25-30C/77-86F. The air temperature averages 30C/86F year-round.

What to see

Divers can spot large marine life such as manta rays, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, and humpback whales at Rowley Shoals. The site is also home to moray eels, giant clam shells, and numerous tropical reef fish.

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