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Rinca Island, a captivating destination within the Komodo National Park, is a must-see dive site for liveaboard diving adventures. Embarking on a dedicated Rinca Island cruise offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore this remarkable dive site. Diving at Rinca Island unveils a world of natural wonders, including encounters with the iconic Komodo dragons and diverse marine life. From vibrant reef fish to fascinating macro critters, Rinca Island showcases rich biodiversity beneath its waves. With its stunning coral reefs and thrilling underwater landscapes, diving at Rinca Island promises an unforgettable liveaboard diving experience that highlights the unique allure of this extraordinary Indonesian destination


When To Go Diving

Rinca Island offers favorable diving conditions year-round, making it an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. The best time to dive here is during the dry season from April to November when the visibility is at its peak. Divers can expect to encounter a variety of fish species, including reef fish, colorful nudibranchs, and occasional sightings of sharks and rays. The currents around Rinca Island can vary from mild to moderate, providing a thrilling diving experience. The underwater temperature ranges from 26 to 30 degrees °C (79 to 86 degrees °F), ensuring comfortable conditions for divers exploring the underwater wonders of Rinca Island

What to see

Nestled within the Komodo National Park, offers divers a mesmerizing underwater world to explore. Diving around Rinca Island unveils a diverse range of fish species, including vibrant reef fish, colorful nudibranchs, and occasional encounters with sharks and rays. The coral reefs surrounding the island boast a stunning array of hard and soft corals, creating a visually captivating backdrop for divers. This enchanting dive site invites adventurers to discover the rich marine biodiversity that thrives within the waters of Rinca Island, making it a must-visit destination for underwater enthusiasts

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