Liveaboard diving in

Ilheus da Madalena

Ilheus de Madalena is located on the west coast of Pico island, Azores within several minutes boat trip from the shore. This diving site is situated around an ancient volcano crater and is very interesting for divers who enjoy underwater photography. Intricate tuff volcanic rock formations and rich underwater fauna are sure to leave an impression. Marine life enthusiasts will get a chance to observe colonies of stingrays that live around the crater. The maximum depth of the site is 20m/ 65ft. The visibility is good and ranges from 15m/49ft to 30m/98ft. Divers must be aware of strong currents and ripples. Visitors can observe different schools of colorful fish such as Atlantic bonito, morays and yellow mouth barracuda as well as salema and trigger fish. Black and brown morays and Mediterranean eels inhabit the lava cracks. Red mullet could be spotted on the sandy bottom of the Ilheus de Madalena.

When To Go Diving

The water temperature varies from 17C/63F in the winter to 25C/77F in the summer. The air temperature stays at its most comfortable from May to October. It can be rainy and foggy in the winter and spring.