Liveaboard diving in

Mula Estelas

Mula Estelas is located to the north-west from Berlenga Grande Island. To get to the site may take nearly 30 minutes by boat from Peniche, Portugal. The site offers excellent opportunity for wall and deep diving as well as underwater photography. CMAS** experience is a must. Visibility is excellent ( > 30m/98.4ft) through the whole year. The average depth of the site is 20m/65.6ft with maximum depth of about 30m/98.4ft. Divers must be aware of strong currents ( > 2 knots) due to the exposed location of the site. Deep and clear waters of Mula Estelas site allow divers to enjoy the volcanic landscapes, caves and a variety of species such as eels, lobsters, octopuses and sea worms.

When To Go Diving

The best time to come here is from July to October when the average water temperature is around 19C/66F degrees and the average air temperature is 25C/77F.