Liveaboard diving in

Reis Magos

This dive site is very easy to find and it is ideal for diving with children. The site is suitable for divers of all experience levels. The reef tunnels are populated with all kinds of underwater dwellers that can be interesting to explore. Night dives became a unique experience for visiting divers offering a chance to catch a glimpse of a rare toad fish. The depth of the site ranges from 10m/33ft to 20m/66ft. The water is clear with good visibility, 10-30m/33-98ft. There aren’t any currents. The marine life is diverse and includes cuttlefish, sea spiders, scorpion fish and stingrays.

When To Go Diving

The air temperature varies between 24C/75F in the summer and 19C/66F in the winter. The sea temperature varies between 17-23C/63-73F, which is pleasant for scuba diving with a 5-7mm wetsuit.