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Popular Liveaboard Fleets in Egypt:
Snefro Fleet - catering to both, groups and individuals with 7 liveaboards in the fleet, operate in Egypt, the Red Sea
Sea Serpent Fleet Egypt- 6 liveaboards fleet, offers diving cruises in Egypt, the Red Sea
Blue Planet Liveaboards Fleet- owns and operates 4 Liveaboards in the Sudan and Egypt

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Dolphin Dive
My logbook just says "Dolphin Dolphin Dolphin" as we were followed and played with during most of our dive by a friendly fella who at one point tried to herd some fish towards us. I had to really concentrate to take in the rest of the scenery. The corals here are beautiful and mostly un-trodden on by Discover Scuba Diving students. It's a day trip on a boat out of Dahab so not as many divers here as in the town. In fact we had the reef and the dolphin (turtle, giant moray, blue spotted lagoon rays) to ourselves. A... Read more
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Underwater paradise
The sea life is amazing, huge coral wall goes down to 50 m, but you may stay at 20 to see all the things. Beautiful coral garden could be find in the lagoon at shalow depth on the way back to the dive boat.
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